WATCH: Jet Ski Carnage at One of Hawaii's Outer Reefs

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There were so many stories out of Hawaii over the weekend, Jaws went XXL, Justine Dupont got one of the best barrels of the day out there – elevating her already legendary status into the stratosphere. We know that if the Eddie would have ran then it may have just been one of the best events of all time (according to the beach chat) – but perhaps the most gnarly footage comes from these skis full-throttling to escape a colossal set amongst the Outer Reefs, where the likes of Kelly, John John et al holed up for the day.

Just look at the last ski, must have launched, 20, 30ft in the air. We know photographer Mike Latronic was on one, who is currently counting his blessings and Ryan Moss on another, who is facing some hospital time at the moment, and we're all wishing that hero a speedy recovery. Hit play above for four minutes of sheer, utter carnage.