WATCH: Joshua Karbus The Raddest 10-Year-Old Shredder You'll See Today

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Oh boy, this kid's a rippah. Time to add Joshua Karbus to the name of upcoming phenoms hailing out of Ireland. And what's more, Josh's dad, George, sure knows how to point a lens and cut an edit -- as this could be one of the greatest short cuts we've seen of a 10-year-old...ever.

"When Joshua joined our family, I wrote on my Facebook feed that a "surfer was born", said George. "I didn't have a plan to breed a ripper or pro surfer but somehow I knew this kid was going to be a water boy. His mom Kate is a professional baby swimming instructor and she started to submerge him underwater when he was three months old. He loved it. We introduced him to our ocean friend (solitary dolphin) who lives by the coast in the age of one and when he was two, he already knew how to pop up on the surfboard.

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"When he was around six, he started to surf my old shortboard and bigger green waves. I saw huge progress in his surfing. I could see him reading waves, confidence and pop up started to be very good and he was ready for a 4'8'' board. Since then, his surfing has rocketed.

"By the time he turned 10, Josh started to surf almost all the surf spots around and paddled out in every condition (at least he tried). He was getting some beatings and sometimes the ocean gave him a pretty hard time.

"Because I arranged my professional life to have plenty of free time, we never miss a session or swell. We pick up other local groms in the van go surf every day. Sometimes surfing on the west coast of Ireland in January and February is like going to war. 40 knots cross-shore winds, freezing cold water and hailstones hammering your face. The boys take it all bravely because they are just having fun.

"Last year Joshua started to join some surf coaching session with Joel Gray (Surf Solutions) and local legend Ollie O'Flaherty which helped him to progress faster. When his mom Kate has time off, she is filming him so he can check his surfing on video when we comes home. He likes to watch heats and cool surfing on YouTube over and over which I think is the best advantage of today's groms. I love to watch that passion, free spirit and energy of kids in the water. It keeps inspires me in many ways and make me better surfer too."