WATCH: Find Us A Better World Class Combo Than Leo Fioravanti and Flawless French Barrels

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The rise of the surf vlog has been rife over the past few years – not that anyone's complaining, why would you? These little nuggets give you an unhinged and somewhat more candid look into the lives of your favourite protagonists.

Yet, the Euro crew's been a little slow on the uptake. Enter Leonardo Fioravanti, aka the Italian Stallion, who is the latest to launch a YouTube channel - fitting given this young rippah's one of Europe's most prominent foam wranglers. Here, Leo walks us through the lead up to the French Rendevous of surfing and the actual competition. If it's free surfing prowess you want, hang around for the first five mins of world class tubes and more than a few spine rippling wipeouts. The comp? Skip over to the nine minute mark for some bonus Italo footage too.