WATCH: Matt Kleiner's Love Letter to Pumping Empty Waves

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Wave Cloud Sand II is a surf cut with a bit of a difference and best enjoyed with a pair of headphones jacked in. It's more an appreciation of the beauty of empty waves, that feeling you get of cresting the hill and an unbroken canvas is laid out before you.

“I made the original Wave Cloud Sand a decade ago mostly in the same vein of empty waves and natural beauty,” says filmmaker Matt Kleiner. “Since that one was well received, I thought it would be fun to follow it up.

“In this day in age it feels harder than ever to find solitude or to just simply pay attention to the small stuff so it seemed like a good time to create something like this with simplicity in mind. I've always loved nature programs and wanted to make something along the lines in a more stylized approach.”

And the locales on offer? There's Oz, Chile, Mexico, Hawaii and Norway. Dig into a few mins of solace.