WATCH: Never Seen Before Interview of Kelly Slater on Andy Irons

Jason Lock

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“There were times where I remember feeling like, I hated this guy so much,” relays a candid Kelly Slater during a never seen before interview with him about Andy Irons.

It's a clip from the cutting room of new documentary Andy Irons: Kissed by God. In our review of the movie, we said: “This is the closest we've ever been to Andy Irons. It's a story told through the loving eyes of those closest to AI but also, from those who are unafraid to lay out exactly the demons that plagued him. Bruce pulls no punches but underpins the whole movie with an air of celebration for Andy’s life. Lyndie also relays a cathartic openness during her interviews.

“It is raw and powerful yet acts as an emotional tribute and celebration of one of surfing's brightest sons. It it a form of therapy for all involved, family, friends and audience alike.” You can read the full review HERE.

Now, Teton Gravity Research, the production house behind the film, have released three new interviews featuring Mr Slater, Mick Fanning and Bruce Irons.

Of course, anything Kelly vs Andy is immediately engaging, their rivalry is one of the most passionate in all of surfing. It's perhaps the first time we've seen Slater get tearful over Andy too, a powerful sentiment given they spent a good portion of their friendship at each other's throats – in the early days anyway.

The film is still touring and you can check if it's playing near you by going HERE.