New Movie 'She is the Ocean' Showcases Female Surfers, Divers and More


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A new, full-length documentary that chronicles the lives of women dedicated to the ocean has just dropped – and this is one you're not going to want to miss.

She is the Ocean follows female surfers, divers, marine biologists and more as they relay their connection to the sea, whether that's surfing, researching or anything else. It is now streaming to rent or to buy, HERE.

The film features nine women, aged between 12 and 83 and from all over the world, including former CT-shredder Coco Ho, big-wave chargers Keala Kennelly and Andrea Moller, Hawaiian surf legend Jeannie Chesser, shark-whisperer Ocean Ramsey, and more.

“Growing up with Andy and Bruce Irons, I had a lot of strong male surfers to push me,” Keala said during a live Q&A about the film recently. “That helped develop my hard-charging style. I was able to take that to spots like Tahiti, and kinda pioneer these spots for women that were considered men-only spots.”

Directed by Inna Blokhina, who hails from Russia, She Is the Ocean stems from personal experience. The inspiration came from Blokhina’s own surfing life in her homeland and abroad.

“The first time I tried surfing, when I was 18 or 19 years old, I tried it in Russia,” she said. “We surf the Black Sea. After that first time, I decided to go to Bali and continue surfing. The ocean really changed my life, so I decided to share that feeling. It makes you feel alive.”

Male or female, that connection to the sea is universal. But far too often, the women are overshadowed by the men. And, in addition to showcasing these overlooked athletes and ocean lovers, the film seeks to light a spark for future generations of female surfers, swimmers, divers, and marine biologists to come.

“Everybody hopes that their life means something,” Keala says in the film. “I hope that I’ve at least inspired women to pursue their dreams no matter what anybody says. All my life I heard, ‘oh girls can’t surf, girls can’t get barrelled, they can’t surf Pipeline.’ Every time they would tell me I couldn’t do something, it would put a fire in me to prove them wrong.”

Rent or buy She Is the Ocean here.

Cover shot of Andrea Moller courtesy of She Is the Ocean/Garage Entertainment. A version of this article first appeared on Surfline.