WATCH: Nic Von Rupp's Tour of Ericeira

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There's a reason this series is called 'Von Froth.'

Following a busy summer season full of travelling and strike missions, Portugese journeyman Nic Von Rupp's latest edit welcomes you to his "favourite place in the world," — the World Surfing Reserve of Ericeira.

This second episode of 'Portugal Back to Back' brings you waves, stories, and good times from north to south of Portugal. Ericeira is known for its world class waves, and Nic scored a day of absolutely pumping offshore barrels alongside Frederico Morais, Aritz Aranburu, William Aliotti and Gony Zubizarreta.

Take your pick of mind-surfing the multiple world-class waves in this part of the planet, or just witness Nic and co. shred their brains out between stunning scenery and colourful towns.

Hit play, above.