WATCH: Nicaragua's Code Red Barrel-Fest

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This Code Red swell is now firmly in the rear view. But last week, it lit up Southern America. You’ve already seen pumping Puerto Escondido – now, here’s how Nicaragua handled this swell deluge (hint: it’s a bonafide barrel-fest).

“It was absolute perfection out there. Barrels down the beach, barrels up the beach, everybody stoked,” said novelty wave aficionado Ben Gravy. He’s not wrong; days of long period swell and all-day offshores. This isn’t harrowing death pits, it’s Code Fun, and we’re here for it.

As well as Lord Gravy in the vid above is Manny Resano, aka Nicaragua’s surfing forefather. Wherever there’s a whiff of a wave, Manny’s on it with aplomb. Check that absolute bomb at 4mins 10 secs in.

Breaking down this swell for Nica, MSW’s Tony Butt said: “Waves with periods up to 26 secs arrived up to three days before this swell peaked, only getting bigger and more consistent, gradually, as the shorter periods with larger wave heights started filling in.

“As a swell gets further away from the storm centre, it spreads out, and wave heights go down because the energy is ‘stretched out’ over a progressively wider area. But the long periods contained in the swell don’t go away. That the further away you are from the storm centre, the longer the swell takes to fill in and, once it peaks, the longer it takes to ramp down again.” Just like here! Hit play above.