Noa Mizuno Finally Releases The Morocco Edit

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Right now, something wicked is brewing off the coast of western Europe, which could send an adrenaline shot of swell straight into the open arms of Morocco. But more on that soon. When this happened last time though, Hawaiian Noa Mizuno was right there, on it – and has just dropped the stunning short cut from his trip around the desert.

“I feel on a world scale, I’ve been to a quite a few places and this was something else,” he tells MSW. “I had been at home for almost a year and a half so I was elated to get the call. Being at the airport was a trip until the plane starting taking off and then I realised this is exactly where I want to be.

“Just something about this country, I swear it all is about your energy. You can feel it out in the water, it’s very obvious. Vibes were amazing. A few local boys holding it down but managed to get some fun ones.” By fun ones, Noa means, some of the bes tubes we've seen out of Morocco in an age.