WATCH: Noa Mizuno's 'Tech Noir' is a Synthwave, Nu-Age, Worldwide Shred Fest

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“I’ve always had ideas of putting out surf flicks for a while now, and this one, well it’s been in my head for three years now,” says Noa Mizuno about this flick that is pure surf travel adventure, interspersed with a healthy does of wanderlust.

“I spent a lot of time saving up footage, making sure all the footage hadn’t been seen on any sort of media. I had a great team help me put it all together. I’d say it’s the hardest part I’ve worked on, but it feels just so great that it’s out and people can watch it.”

It's a bit of an abstract take on the modern surf flick, but that's not a bad thing. You see, Noa's cut this as a look back at his younger self, and all the places he wanted to surf as an adult. Flash forward all those years to him actually realising those visions.

“I just love things with a story behind it,” he tells MSW. “And I also love Sci-Fi films [laughs]. I wanted it to have sort of an eerie vibe.  For it to all come together, everything had to be perfect. The music set the bar for what surfing had to be done to it, so I buckled down and really put my time in towards it. This is just what I love to do, it’s not because it’s supposed to be different. It’s a reflection of what direction I’m heading toward.”

We ask about any highlights from the project and the final movie that you can watch above. “At this point, it all was a highlight,” says Noa. “I enjoyed every part of it. The travelling, the inspiration, the skit, the production, the surfing. It just all came together so well, the whole thing was great. I just want to thank my team and the people who supported me since day one. And people who love surf videos. This was for you.”

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