TEASER: On It: The Art Of Scoring


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Storms, they are the driving force that defines surfing. We love them, watch them, track them and predict what they're going to do. Because that's how we, and you, get to score waves.

Last year was an epic time for surfing. Remember that XXL Cloudbreak swell? It rocked the perception of what was possible in Fiji. How about when Indo lit up like no one's seen for the past decade, or more. A new world record was confirmed for Nazare, thanks to the grafting of Rodrigo Koxa.

And also, 2018 was the pioneer year for our ON IT project – though it certainly won't be the last. The idea was to chart a full year’s worth of travels from a crew of unique swell chasers.

-East Coast barrel-master Brett Barley.
-Portugal’s legendary slab-hunter Nic Von Rupp.
-Maui big-wave/aerialist Albee Layer.
-North Shore Pipeline specialist Koa Rothman.
-And heavy-water photography specialist Zak Noyle.

We lucked out with waves. But even more with our first year’s crew. These guys managed to score waves at every significant swell of the year.

We’ve been charting their journey throughout the year, but now we’re excited to bring it all together in one fast-paced, greatest hits film for your viewing pleasure.

Full movie premieres February 12th on magicseaweed and Surfline.