Watch: One Dreamy NJ Session Courtesy of Irma

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The upsides to Hurricane Irma were non-existent. Except they weren't quite. Because while she tore a destructive path through the Caribbean and then onto Florida, she also sent solid groundswell hundreds of miles up the East Coast to the benefit of a minute percentage of those affected by the storm. And how could you expect the surfers of New Jersey not to profit despite the inconsolable nature of the system that was spinning down south?

"While surfers in New York and New Jersey know all too well the repercussions from these mega storms, they could not help but enjoy the beauty that Irma sent up the coast all the while destroying lives to the south," says Etan Blatt, filmer and editor of the glorious clip above. "Our thoughts go out to everyone affected by Irma's wrath."

Surfers: Clay Pollioni, Brendan Tighe, Tommy Ihnken, Andrew Gesler, Sam Hammer and Vic Alarcon.

Craig Murch

MSW Content Editor