Watch: Pete Devries' Cold Water Canadian Odyssey 'Happy Recluse'

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For the better part of the last two decades, the Canadian surfer/photographer dream team of Peter Devries and Jeremy Koreski have been working together — and working hard — on spotlighting the rugged cold water beauty around their British Columbia home stretch, without exploiting it or giving anything away.

“It’s always an internal struggle for me,” says Pete. “On the one hand, I love my job and showcasing what I do and these amazing places I get to surf. But part of the reason I love these places is because some of them are empty. Social media and the need for everyone to know where you are and what you’re doing right now has really changed surfing. I’m still a bit old-school in the sense that my social media is never current and I’m always trying to keep people guessing.”

This is an ode to the cold water odyssey -- and exploring spots in your backyard that you've not had the time to get to before. This is Pete as a Happy Recluse and it is a mindset that transcends into his surfing life; seek quiet, chilly waves, enjoy, repeat.