© 2023 - Shot by Edwin Morales and Lucano Hinkle. Edited by Mr B Productions. Produced by Jason Lock.

WATCH: Puerto Escondido 'It Doesn't Get Much More Epic than This!'

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It doesn't get more epic than this. After a whole season of just being... ok, Puerto Escondido finally went into meltdown mode last week. Four days of heavy, colossal barrels. Four days of wipeouts and throwing grist the grinder. For some, it was hard work, tough to be in the right spot when these big sweeping sets rolled in, for others, it was a day of pure glory.

By now, this thing has already been to Chile, Nicaragua but this may just be the icing on the cake for those wanting huge cylindrical barrels. The thing that made this the day of the season so far is likely down to that south angle in the swell. It'll take the edge off those clamping, gigantic beach break kegs. Then there's the fact the wind skipped around and went offshore in the evening, making for some incredibly groomed conditions in the morning.

Don't take it from us though. Videographer Edwin Morales said: “This time it was epic. “t was the most amazing four days in a row we’ve seen in a long while. I don’t event remember when was the last time it happened. It was a full on barrel fest in epic conditions. Everyone was charging. The vibe was incredible. Everyone was stoked. I’m pretty much deep fried right now, but it was all worth it.”

We've got a live cam too! Check it out HERE.