Ramzi Boukhiam Just Dropped the Greatest Morocco Vid We've Ever Seen

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Back in February, Morocco was blessed with one of the best and cleanest swells it's seen in years. Probably one of the biggest since 2016. Of course, when the charts start to blip up, you can bet local Ramzi Boukhiam is going to be in the mix. And above, might just be the greatest edit out of Morocco we've seen in, well, forever.

Like the look of those barrels? Loads trickier than you think to surf. Even more so when on your back hand like Ramzi. "The thing about this swell was the sand bank this year was so gnarly, it looked perfect," Ramzi tells MSW. "But also, it was really hard to read the wave, not all the waves have the same pace, some go really fast on the bank, some slower. I ate shit a lot of times trying to figure it out. The key is to spend a lot of time out there like I have been since for a long time now."

And as for a winter at home? "It was really good," he says. "I hadn’t spent that much time at home during winter for over 10 years so surfed a lot. Being a goofy, Moroccan rights have definitely forged me and made me confident on my back hand that's for sure." (The above attests to this...)

The future of Ramzi? "Well I’m in Portugal right now for two QS and then ISA World surfing games in El Salvador, followed by the Olympic games in Japan and later this year the challenger series and try to qualify for the world tour." Not too busy then. Hit play above.