WATCH: Ross Clarke-Jones Gets Rumbled in Nazare's Death Zone

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“I thought I was fine, then the rip just swept me into the rocks. Death zone,” says big wave hellman Ross Clarke-Jones after getting slammed under the cliffs at Nazare.

Not really anyway for a ski to come get you when in that position. Luckily, Ross self rescued “fuck, that was so heavy,” escaping with a smile, not before taking a few waves on the head, getting washed around, rattled into the rocks repeatedly and then clambering up the cliff to get away.

Watching the carnage unfold, Sebastian Steudtner told MSW: “Ross Clarke-Jones took a right in the middle of the beach towed in by Carlos Burle, the wave took him to the inside and dragged him around.

“The current was crazy and pulled Ross along the beach, really close to shore, straight into the rocks. He was stuck inside the rocks when a set came and smashed through him. Very, very scary to watch.

“Luckily he didn't get seriously hurt and was, as he always is, in a good mood after he made it to shore.”