WATCH: South Korea Pumps in New Surf Docu

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Unlike its northern counterpart, South Korea takes a more friendly approach to tourism. The country is illuminated with cherry blossoms, rolling green pastures and ancient Buddhist temples don't you know. And it's likely that this more lax attitude has allowed a burgeoning surf community to flourish - did you even know you could surf decent waves in South Korea? Don't be shy.

Anyway, this neat 20 minute surf docu from Kim Seongeun has recently dropped, giving you some snippets into life and the search on the other side of the world.

And yes, we have forecasts for South Korea – check it out HERE. We caught up with Kim to ask a little about the project.

Hey Kim, this is such a rad movie. How's the surf scene in South Korea?
Yeah, Koreans are crazy about surfing. It doesn't have a lot of waves like Hawaii or Australia. But it's a place where you can get a few fun waves in the 1.5-3m range. This movie is about the story of five surfers living in Korea.

The waves look fun, how often is it like that?
The waves are good in summer or winter in Korea. It is difficult to predict because it varies from season to season.

This is the second surf movie right, do you think Korea has a place in surfing’s future?
The first video is this The Winter Surf, but there are still many unknown spots in Korea. We'll keep looking though.

What kind of boards are people riding?
 Korea has more longboarders than shortboarders but shortboarding is becoming more popular and increasing in popularity.

Ok, maybe a shameless plug – but what about forecasting? Are you using MSW?
Of course! Most Koreans use it.

That's amazing. So, is surfing growing in Korea? If so, why do you think that is?
Surfing hasn't been in Korea for long but we're just starting to go crazy about it, really.

What kind of waves are there, pointbreaks? Beachies? Hell slabs!
[laughs] Korea is pretty much a beachbreak but around Jeju Island, there's a few points.