WATCH: Teaser Trailer for Shredding Monsters: Mavericks

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A few years back, Garrett McNamara took a tumble down a colossal Mavericks bomb. Shattered his shoulder. Docs said he may never surf again.

But time is a blessed healer, fast forward a few years and GMac returned to the scene. What transpired will be told by the Olympic Channel in Shredding Monsters: Mavericks, a feature film dropping for free exclusively on MSW and the Olympic Channel from July 16. The film also stars a whole roster of big wave surfing's aficionados including Jamie Mitchell, Aaron Gold and more. For now though, take a peek at the above to get the heart pounding.

Shredding Monsters: Mavericks was filmed in mid-January by the same Olympic Channel team who produced and directed the 2017 original production Shredding Monsters: Nazare, which also featured McNamara.