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EXCLUSIVE: Watch That XL Teahupoo Swell Send Nicaragua Into Overdrive

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Remember that Teahupoo swell? May Day and the locals went into a bomb frenzy. But the thing about swells of that size is, they don't just stop.

After that wave-drenching of French Polynesia, that swell marched on, sending waves to Hawaii, Southern California and the likes of South America including, but not exclusive to, Nicaragua -- blasting those shores into meltdown for a few days of incredible conditions. And down there in the thick of it? Timmy Reyes, who was hosting a tube 'how to' surf course.

“I got lucky a handful of times out there. So lucky,” he said about those three days of back-to-back kegs. Hit play above to see how that raw Teahupoo energy translates to Nicaragua! And then check the Nica forecast, here.