WATCH: The Best Vids from the Biggest Jaws in Years


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What a week this has been. That colossal swell that rumbled Hawaii, setting off Jaws, has fed endless storylines and off shoot scenarios, some of which, we never could have predicted. But you all knew the big wave chargers would release their own cuts of what went down over the weekend as this XXL session threw down. And right here, we've collated the best in one place for you. And there's still more coming in, so we'll keep this piece running as long as possible. Missed any? Let us know.

Justine Dupont's Mind Bending Barrel

We're fairly sure everyone has seen this by now, but, sweet mercy, is this thing a cracker. Justine Dupont is right at the top her game, charging anything in her path. Nazare, Jaws, Mav's it doesn't matter - Dupont's going to crush it and make headlines, wherever she goes.

Ben Gravy Tows Jaws

Ain't there something remarkably relatable about Ben Gravy? Yeah, throw that perception out the window, unless you've ever surfed XXL Jaws. Check out how surfing's novelty wizard gets on, above.

Jamie O'Brien Claims It's the Biggest Swell of His Life

ALL CAPS titles are all the rage when it comes to vlogs, and no one does them better than JOB. The biggest swell of his life? Potentially, we're actually crunching those numbers right now, so stay tuned for that.

Koa Rothman and the Outer Reefs

Koa said hell no to Jaws and instead opted for a flawless, peeling, inch-perfect outer reef. It's easy to see why that choice was made, no?

Nate Florence Goes to XXL Jaws

Oh, what Jaws session isn't complete without one of the Florence lads going all loco. Nathan Florence is a consistent stand out when Peahi jacks to unholy sizes (quelle surprise), join this frother for his experience above.

Jaws from a Helicopter is Just Insane - For So Many Reasons

Right, this is incredible. Credit where credit's due because Jaws, from a frickin' chopper, live, is pretty crazy, no? You can skip through the highlights of this three hour stream in the description.

Cover shot by Miah Klein