WATCH: Getting Obliterated at Brazil's Horror Slab 'Shock'

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Is Rio de Janeiro's horror slab called Shock, one of the world's most brutal waves? If this edit is anything to go by, the answer is yes. Also, one of the trickiest waves to get right.

You see, when Shock wakes up – you sometimes get a couple of pros down there, willing to take a swing at it. But for the most part, it's a group of dedicated local legends who just want to surf their home break. Despite the beatdowns, the ski going over the falls (yeah, really) that's a level of dedication from the every day rippers that we applaud and salute.

Anyway, after feasting on the carnage above, we tapped up filmer Matheus Couto to give some insight, which you can dig into below.

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Imagine, this is your local. You in there?

Imagine, this is your local. You in there?

© 2023 - Matheus Couto

We love seeing Shock come alive. It's the 50/50 wave, sometimes it lets you out, sometimes it just swallows you whole. How was it during this session?
I think it was one of the bigger days we've seen, we had a huge swell forecast and we knew it was going to hit here.

In the morning, we took a good look to see how the conditions were; it was heavy and super difficult, but the guys decided to go to the water to see if they could get some bombs.

There were some mutant waves and Gabriel Sampaio decided to go first and catch the first wave of the day, he pulled into a huge and gnarly barrel and that opened the session.

After that wave, almost everybody got a sick wave or a gnarly wipeout, there was no in between... and then the accident happened... The conditions were so heavy and difficult that even the experienced jet pilot Beg Rosemberg was drained by the wave while he was towing for one of the surfers.

Thankfully in the end it all turned out ok but that could have been much worse.

Especially if Gabriel Sampaio and Paulo Diego Imbica hadn't acted so fast and determined to save Beg and the jet ski. I was filming but it was really nerve wracking.

Few attempt to squeeze in, not many made it out.

Few attempt to squeeze in, not many made it out.

© 2023 - Matheus Couto.

Yeah it was a heavy situation and we're glad everyone is ok. But that wave is so gnarly at times. Who was ripping?
Almost everybody and it was epic! Gabriel Sampaio, Angelo Bittar, Dudu Pedra(Bodyboarder), Paulo Diego Imbica, Pedro Menezes, Daniel Rodrigues, Ziul Andueza, Goutemberg Goulart, Alexey, Luca Nolasco, Michaela Fregonese and Erick.
How often does it break like this?
It really needs an specific type of swell direction because the wave breaks in front of the rocks, it's really dangerous and some days the wave will take you to the rocks, and you don’t want to be there. But one thing its certain, when it breaks, the locals will be there charging.

Remember reporting on this back when it was first being surfed, but much like everywhere, it seems to be getting more popular, how’s the lineup looking?
Every swell, really, the local crew go and check Shock to see if it has the right conditions... and these guys are psyched on this wave, they are putting a lot of time and making some unbelievable waves out there.

Also the local bodyboarders are always paddling out and they are just heroes. This time Dudu Pedra was out there paddling. Its a really dangerous wave but they love this slab and every swell they are out there surfing and towing-in. But it's getting busy with the local crew. All ok though.

Our South Atlantic swell chart, showing how this beast formed up. See the chart, here.

Our South Atlantic swell chart, showing how this beast formed up. See the chart, here.