WATCH: This Weekend from XL Jaws' Wild Paddle Session

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Saturday, Jaws went XL for a dizzying paddle session. “It was solid 10-12ft with bigger sets and everyone was going big,” said filmer Marcus Rodrigues – who turned this highlight cut over in record-time.

“Right away Tyler Larronde cracked the ice with Ian Walsh as they caught the first few waves of the day. Everyone was really going for it and pushing the limits of paddle surfing at Jaws. Albee Layer was hunting the West Bowl "Albee Bowl" per usual and snagged a few great waves. Keala Kennelly sent it super hard dropping in real late and free fell on a bomb on her first wave,” no, seriously, that thing is gnarly, snapping Keala's board in three – this legend is ok though.

“Matt Bromley, Kai Lenny, Torrey Meister and many other big wave riders were absolutely charging. It was overall another great day for big wave surfing at Jaws.” Things got a bit wild towards the end of the session though, switching paddle boards for tow... hit play to see why.