WATCH: Tom Lowe and his Love Affair with Huge, Scary Irish Slabs

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Back in January, Tom Lowe paddled into one of the best (if not THE best) waves ridden at Irish slab Mullaghmore. If you haven't seen it, you're missing out – because this thing further solidifies Lowey's mastery at one his favourite waves, and one of the world's heaviest boiling pots of drama.

In this new edit Mordros (which means the sound of the sea in Cornish where Tom's from) Lowey runs through a horror wipeout a few years back and how that shifted his perception, before coming back and tackling Mully over and over and over and then, finally, towards the tail end of Jan, hucking a monster – one that blew minds and broke the internet and was widely regarded as one of the best XXL paddle waves in Ireland.

“I just wanted to go and see it that day. I felt confident, really relaxed and didn't have any expectations,” he says in the vid.

Lowey touches on a number of waves and scenarios in the above edit. But on the day he rode that beast, our senior Irish surf correspondent Dylan Stott was in the water. “This wave is completely free of tow surfers, skis, wakes, tracks or even any big wind lumps,” Dylan wrote in his piece (HERE). “This wave is big and stretches all the way down to the channel where I am. He slides into it late, but nicely. No air under his board, no bottom wobbles, and comes up high into the first section. I’m facing out to get out of the way.

“I have to take my eyes off for a second to turn the ski around. I expect to see a wave with no rider when I spin back round, but there is Tom. His hand is in the face and his eyes are on the channel.

“He’s in a 20ft barrel for six or seven seconds and every single moment I expect him to be sucked up and over, get stuck on a rib, get blown up by the foam ball. But as deep as he is, the lip keeps throwing wider and wider all the way through to the deep of the channel.

“Of course he comes out. He deserves it too much not to. He goes behind the lip line then pops over the wave with his palms out in a gesture of shock and delight. The half dozen of us in the channel roared and screamed for minutes. It sounded like a packed stadium, the six of us. Everybody started hugging, not just Lowey, but anybody next to them.

“Lowey has had a lot of world class waves out there. Superhuman efforts. Big barrels. He’s paid. Beatings. Bruises. Knock-outs and near drownings. His performance stuns me every single time he surfs out here. But this was something else.  I’m not sure if Tom Lowe is the king of Mullaghmore, but he sure is the Lord of the Manor and Custodian.”

Hit play above to get Lowey's mindset on Ireland, that session and big wave surfing in general.

Cover shot by Gary McCall.