WATCH: Tom Lowe Makes a Nazare Bomb, Then Cops a Brutal Flogging

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Paying your dues at Nazare is a given. You make a few and can be some of the biggest lumps of water ever surfed. But with the territory so too comes the inevitable steam-rolling.

Tom Lowe's a charger who knows Nazare. Lowey's put in the hours at, well, hell, just about every big wave spot on the planet – earning him a spot on the WSL's Big Wave Tour.

Watch it all go down here.

This clip winged its way to MSW's inbox courtesy of Cesar Feliciano. And the elation after that first wave! But it is the wipe and the beating Lowey took that is equally as impressive, what followed was a board to face and a stint to get some stitches.

“Yeah was real wild morning on January 4”, Lowey tells MSW. "30ft proper outside Nazare, me, Pedro Calado and Othmane Choufani were on first peak. Nobody else about at the time I caught this one. Was first wave of the day...Lucas Chumbo was on safety. Maya Gabeira towed the first wave of that set, then I saw a nice wedge entry on this.

“Next thing I was in the air off the bat, on my 11’0 Christenson. with the wind cross/onshore, which probably helped. I actually rode through to the inside because the wave formed up again, was a scary ride. Lucas followed me in on the ski and grabbed me straight away, the legend.

“Shortly after, I wiped out on a smaller wave, surfaced to that massive wedging beast on the head. Thing smashed me big time, hit my head on my board underwater, bit of panic mode and took a few waves on the head, but luckily enough I got washed to the beach. Ended up with six stitches which I’ll settle with considering....”

Cover shot, Lowey at Nazare by Helio Antonio