WATCH: Torren Martyn's Twin Fin Indo Boat Trip

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Torren Martyn has travelled to Indonesia every year of his adult life. It's there that he reconnects with friends and puts a tonne of time in the ocean.

When surfers arrange their lives in advance to be somewhere for waves it’s always a gamble. This trip was planned to celebrate a mate's birthday from Torren's home town – a group of pals, a boat and the brunt of the Indian Ocean.

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One of those friends, Nick Colbey, is a talented character. He gets heavily barrelled in this 17-minute clip above and plays one of the backing tracks. Torren rides a 6’10” Simon Jones channel bottom twin fin in challenging conditions.

With two more back-to-back swells pushing in soon after the boat docked, Torren veered into the domestic section of the airport to island hop into a few more perfect waves. Turn up the soundtrack, kick back and enjoy On The Light Side.