WATCH: Tom Lowe Paddles Insane XL Irish Slab

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The North Atlantic has been spinning in overdrive. Last week, the likes of Ireland rumbled awake, as did Nazare, Hossegor, Mundaka – all those usual spots.

Even this week, conditions are stacking up and into Monday too. But what's emerging is a number of incredible rides from all over Europe. And right here, we have Tom Lowe paddling this gnarly Irish slab.

“Honestly, I was buzzing off my first wave, which felt so unreal so didn't think much of this one at the time.” Lowey tells MSW. “But when Tim [Bonython] sent the clip over I was stoked. I didn't see it as a standout from the session, everyone was going nuts, inspiring day to be a part of.”

Clip by the omni-present Tim Bonython.