WATCH: Triple Amputee Injured in Afghan: 'Surfing Changed Everything'

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There are two memories that stick in Martin Pollock's memory. One; right after the force of an IED in Afghanistan threw his body to the roof of a building. And two; being on a stretcher, feeling close to death. Martin lost both his legs and left arm as a result of the incident.

But the UK-based former rifleman was determined to be active as possible. “Had a bit of a rough one,” he says. Two years after the explosion, in 2012, he flew to California to meet with a team from Operation Surf, a not for profit company who helps with the rehabilitation of servicemen through surfing. He had never surfed before.

Forecast: Cornwall

And now? Martin's life is a bit different. Everything he does is about surfing at his local break on The Lizard, in Cornwall, UK. A documentary about his life has just dropped called Paddling for Happiness hit play on the vid above then take a peek at the director's website, HERE.