Wave of the Day: Kurt Rist at Puerto Escondido

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The past couple of days have been particularly special over at ol' Mexpipe (and there's more on the way too!). Getting these late season surf sessions is such a welcome repreive from the thought of everywhere below the equator going to sleep for summer.

But Puerto Escondido don't sleep. Look at this thing from Kurt Rist from just the other day! Fully committed to the barrel and a fire-hosing for his efforts on exit. Superb. Here's the skinny from Rist:

“I was waiting a good hour or so for this wave, I knew it was going to be a good one, it had a long stretched out shoulder. I gave one strong pump as I was pulling in. I hit the foam ball on that first section, and I thought to myself, 'oh no I’m too deep' but this wave is so good I’m going to just hold on as much as I can.' I recovered and made it through that section then I had a good second or two to enjoy the tube – then I hit another foam ball! I just kept telling myself to hold on, and next thing I knew, it gave me a little spit out!  This wave definitely felt like one of my deepest tube rides, stoked I held on and didn’t blow it.”

And as for the vibe? “There's been some great late season conditions over here lately, super fresh offshore winds have kicked in, making some epic sessions, and the waves have been pumping in the double-to-triple overhead range for the last two days. Everyone's super fired up on these clean conditions, lots of great waves have been going down.”

Great indeed. Hit play above! And then watch it all live HERE.