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Wave of the Season So Far: Charly Quivront, Lance's Right

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Now, here's a wave that made our jaws cha-ching like a cash register. France's Charly Quivront, driving through a HTs (Or Lance's Right) bomb, from the sea and land. What makes this so special is how tangible it all feels.

If you're not acquainted with Charly, we'd highly suggest checking out some of MSW's France content on YouTube – Charly's regularly a standout during those sessions. Anyway, speaking with MSW, he said: “What a ride. It was insane, we did that strike mission to HTs with Leo Fioravanti, we were in Bali together and we just thought... ‘we want to get barrelled together.’

“The first two days we woke up and the wind was onshore, so we had to wait until the afternoon for it to switch.That third day, woke up at first light and it was super offshore, only a couple guys out. I woke up Leo and said “let’s go!“.

“This one came through after an hour and a half into the session, I was stoked to be sat where I was. I was looking for that longer drainer barrel you have some time at Hts. Was riding the wave and pumping super hard all the time – the vision in there was so crystal blue and clear – I could see the whole lineup passing my by.

“My favourite face to watch was Leo as I was pumping through, I passed him after the first section and then my girlfriend was there at the end, waiting on the boat so it was sick. One of the greatest memories for sure. My first time there for a swell, went there before but it was one metre and onshore. What was super cool, there were a lot of people in the water eventually. Some of the surfers were going for it and got the best wave of their life out there. Sharing that passion with everyone and session, that’s what surfing is all about – and everyone drank a lot of beer at the end of the day.”

Congrats Charly – and yeah, we're calling it; best ridden wave of the southern hemi season so far? Maybe!