West Barrels

JOSH Kerr, Brad Gerlach, Taylor Knox, Brian Conley and friends score somewhere West.

Justis St John, the man with one of the most barrelled lenses in surfing and a quasi-religious sounding name chased a Biblical swell west a couple weeks ago alongside Brad Gerlach.

Meeting up with a couple of other tow teams down there (Kerr, Knox, Conley and Parsons) they presently threw themselves into the maw of some windy gapers, making some and getting a royal whomping on others.

When asked why they were fully rubbered up in 55f/13C water Justis claimed "us Seppos are wussies" which probably is up for debate on this evidence, but we'll take what we can.

Ed Temperley

MSW editor. Instagram @edtemperley