What's Wrong with the Evian Baby Bay Ad?

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What is wrong with the Evian Baby Bay surf advert making the rounds? Apart from it being a little creepy. Imagine waking up in a CGI world of beach loving Chucky Dolls...

Plastic. Pointless bottles wash up on our beach, on your beach, and every bit of coastline. Filled with overpriced water, used once and simply discarded to fill the ocean gyres before biodegrading into microplastics and often entering the food chain. With all the steps the world is taking to reduce plastic consumption it is ironic to use the beach as your ad medium when you introduce 6 million bottles a day into the world (source).

Also the surfer guy, (real name Robin Clive), is not really a surfer – is he? Look at the way he wiggles his torso whilst paddling, his arms all unnatural angles as they enter the water. No surfer should paddle like that, it is deeply inefficient. Sorry Robin.

Why does this last point matter? Of course it doesn’t. But they could have employed a deserving surfer. There are plenty of underpaid chiselled cheekbones filling the lineups of our little world. Hark back to Mr Danny Fuller in that Chanel advert (still playing in airports to this day). Danny said he would put his kids through school on that cash Evian.

Tired of plastic on your beach? Try adopting a regular #2MinuteBeachClean