Where to Surf in August

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Well what do you know! After months and months of endless swells for Mexico and Indonesia, we finally get to talk about somewhere else. And despite the fact that it’s August and we are into the deepest, darkest, coldest stretch of winter down south, the excitement this month might just be happening north of the equator.

Tropical swell is popping up all over the North Pacific as a series of hurricanes and typhoons develop, so if you aren’t in a post-session daze in Namibia (which had a gangbuster forecast for the last couple days of July) and are looking for somewhere to chase, here are a few ideas to kick the month off:


Current models have a pair of back-to-back hurricanes tracking west from Mexico and aiming straight at the Aloha state, with the second one looking extra promising to provide solid E/ESE swell to the islands. If the winds cooperate, dozens of mysto spots could light up over the first week of August.

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Almost a year ago, Typhoon Shanshan slammed Japan. The onlookers were thrilled.

Almost a year ago, Typhoon Shanshan slammed Japan. The onlookers were thrilled.

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Meanwhile, over in the West Pacific, a typhoon is predicted to form up and stall off the coast of Japan, where it could spin for days, spewing swell at the future site of surfing’s Summer Olympics debut. Japan’s surf season typically kicks off around this time every year, and 2019 doesn’t appear to be an exception. Here’s hoping next year’s season starts a bit early, so the Olympics don’t have to happen in knee-high dribble.

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You know what happens in Tahiti in August? The world tour event at Teahupoo. There’s a reason the WSL goes to French Polynesia this time of year—it is historically the peak of the season, at least in terms of swell consistency. The world tour event doesn’t kick off until August 21, but Tahiti will see ample swell starting around August 4, and lasting well into the middle of the month. Get over there before the pros do, and pack a few tropical bombs before the jerseys take over.

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