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For the UK, it's spring Bank Holiday this weekend – and that means an extra day out of the 9-5 grind, an extra day to seek waves around the fine isles. The good news, there's waves, if you fancy a scramble, the bad news is, you may need to get a move on soon as it's some far flung places that'll be working best.

Let's pass it over to MSW forecaster Tony Butt to breakdown the long weekend: “This weekend sees a pulse of west-southwest swell hitting westerly exposures, with fairly bad wind conditions everywhere except the far northwest. There is also a small north swell if you happen to be on the east coast of Scotland or England.

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Swell chart from this evening, there's a pulse coming in, sheltered spots around Cornwall and Devon could be fun.

Swell chart from this evening, there's a pulse coming in, sheltered spots around Cornwall and Devon could be fun.

“An average-strength low pressure system has been hanging around the far side of the North Atlantic for the past 48 hours or so, currently centred about 300 miles northwest of Newfoundland. An area of southwest winds on the southern flank of this system strengthened for a while on Thursday, generating a pulse of swell. This is expected to reach Ireland by the middle of Saturday before spreading to other westerly exposures during the rest of Saturday and Sunday.

“There is also a low pressure in the North Sea, currently about to dissipate over Norway. A northerly fetch on the northwest flank of this system strengthened and moved south for a while on Thursday. A northerly swell from this fetch is currently hitting Scotland and will filter down into the North Sea over the weekend.

“In Cornwall, North Devon and Wales, the swell arrives late Saturday and continues throughout the rest of the weekend, with wave heights up to four or five feet in west Cornwall. However, conditions are poor, with fresh westerly winds, particularly on Sunday and Monday.

“The bulk of the swell hits westernmost exposures in Ireland, with wave heights ramping up to six feet or more at exposed spots during Saturday and persisting around that size all weekend. Conditions are poor, with fresh winds from a westerly quarter most of the weekend, increasing to strong on Monday.

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“Further north in the western isles of Scotland, wave heights reach up to four or five feet at exposed spots on Sunday and Monday, but conditions are very good, with northeast winds, light at first becoming moderate on Sunday and gusting fresh on Monday.

“Lastly, north-facing exposures in eastern Scotland and England will get their own pulse of swell from that low off Norway. Expect wave heights around three feet or so on Saturday and Sunday, dropping on Monday. Conditions are best on Saturday, with light variable winds, then fresh to strong westerlies on Sunday and Monday.”

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