Where's Sancho? Sumbawa

BEN Sancho is doing Indonesia in triplicate: average to good Sumbawa greets leg one of three.

Part one of this three part series locates them at Lakey Peak, next stop the Mentawai and the third, well, that's secret. "It's super nice to surf here" Reckons Sancho. "The break is just in front and is pretty easy access. I was here with my friend Naoum Ildefonse and filmer/producer Pietro. We had a little taste of Periscopes, that also looked like great right point.

"The surf in general was not incredible but super fun and depending on the tide I'd say everyone could surf that wave - it offers such diverse faces. Not the heaviest surfing clip but I just hoped that it reflcts the vibe of the place and how peaceful it is."

Ed Temperley

MSW editor. Instagram @edtemperley