Why Mikey Redd Will Ride a Board Made of Plant Resin and Hemp at Teahupoo Trials

Jason Lock

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Chopes is next up on the WSL's schedule. And it's just been announced that Mikey O'Shaughnessy, aka Mikey Redd, will take part in the Teahupoo trials next month, if he wins, he'll nab a wildcard into the event.

You might have heard of Mikey, big wave charger from Hawaii and quite possibly the hardest charging redhead on the North Shore.

During the trials though, Mikey's gonna be riding a board with a twist, it's eco-friendly made using plant based resins, organic hemp, recyclable foam and volcanic basalt fibres, shaped by Dan O'Hara of Solid Surfboards.

And, what do you think? Is there place for such a whip in the high performance world? Mikey seems to think, yes! He said: “As surfers, it's our responsibility to take care of the ocean with the choices we make.  Many of us make a living off the ocean.  As the ocean provides us with the source of our passion and our job, it is key that we lead by example. 

“I've experienced that riding boards made with sustainable and eco friendly materials actually feed better while surfing.

“My BIOflex boards shaped by Dan O'Hara at Solid Surf enable me to surf well and feel better about what I am riding at the same time. 

“The boards are made with recyclable foams, volcanic basalt fibers, organic hemp and plant based low VOC resins.

“The surf industry's standard surfboard is made with petrochemicals that are destroying our environment and it's our responsibility to make as little negative impact on the environment we surf and live in.  With our BIOflex boards there is a 90 per cent reduction in foam waste in production by using recyclable foam and 1000x reduction in air pollution through the use of lower VOC plant based resins.

“We need to do better in these modern times with all the knowledge we have and make the best choices we can.”

We'll see in August if that sled can live up to expectations.