WSL Announce New Air Invitational in France

Jason Lock

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Updated 465d ago

The WSL has just announced the new Air Invitational during the Quik Pro in France this year, with Kerrzy helming the operation.

Filipe Toledo, Chippa Wilson, Mikey Wright and Albee Layer are a few of the names on the invite list, with 14 more to be announced.

“My early career and surf inspirations were all about these air events, and the guys pushing the progression of surfing,” said Josh in a press release from the WSL. “Now to be a part of bringing the air events back at highest level of our sport, it’s very special to me. I’m a huge fan of the talent right now, so I can’t wait to see the guys send it in France.”

It'll follow the Surf Ranch Pro, where a sunset air exhibition will be on display once the event's wrapped on September 6. "I'm super hyped to be involved in the Air Invitational and Surf Ranch Pro. When I was a grom it was my goal to be able to surf in the air shows,” said Chippa. “They never seemed like a competition; it was loose, and all the lads looked like they were having a blast. I can’t wait for the boys to mix it up with the best air guys on the Championship Tour."