WSL Makes a Bid for Titans Event

Jason Lock

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Updated 130d ago

The WSL has made an offer to the organisers of the beleaguered Titans of Mavericks in a bid to take over the running of the event.

As you know, the event's faced a colourful history – bankruptcy, problems with securing the licence to run it and, most recently, an attempt to auction off the assets was met with no bidders.

But now, a flicker of hope for the event's sinking organising body, Cartel Management as the WSL has swooped in, offering to pay off Cartel's debt in exchange for running the contest, a court hearing revealed last week.

“We are very interested in working with the community and the community leaders to hold a 2017/2018 event,” Jonathan Marshall, chief operating officer for the WSL, reports the Half Moon Bay Review on Friday: “We are exploring whatever opportunities exist and we will only do this as a partner with the community.”

The offer was submitted after Cartel's failed auction attempt, where the starting bid rung in at $1 million, requiring a $50,000 deposit. The WSL's CO also said there's an unsolicited offer on the table.

And what if the WSL did snap up the rights to Mavs? Will it be added to the Big Wave Tour, you betcha. Speculation aside, it is going to be a while before we see any sort of comp out of Half Moon Bay.

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