You Really Shouldn't Miss Torren Martyn's Lost Track Series

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This Lost Track series featuring style-master and mid-length icon Torren Martyn is a superb homage to feral(ish) surf travel. Van lifing locales across the Atlantic, from the far North down to equatorial Africa, is wanderlust-inducing, and a well worthy time sink.

This is episode three above and the other couple of parts are below. “Torren and Ishka savour every minute of life in Northwest Africa, exploring some of the best right-hand points they have ever experienced and forming new friendships through a shared love of the ocean. As they venture further south into the depths of a disputed territory, sand storms, relentless winds and endless desert give time for reflection on the journey so far.”

We'd advise watching them in order because honestly, it just reminds us of a time when travel was fine, the beer was cheap (if a little warm...) and the waves incredible. Dig in.