You Should Sponsor Laurie Towner

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Every time Laurie Towner's name appears, enduring vignettes of huge caverns and bigger wipeouts follow. None more so that that time he tried to paddle into 20ft Cloudbreak on a 6.8 way back in 2010. Now looking for a sponsor after parting ways with Billabong he's put up this shop window.

Now not all surfers who want sponsors get them, but the basic deal is pretty simple, cash for exposure. So listen up Mr Sponsor, this is a guy who Andy Irons describes as having "The heart of a lion." Manoa Drollet says that he's one of the top three guys out at big Teahupoo, paddle or tow. Joel Parkinson, (who might know a thing or two) says he's up there with Shane Dorian in technical ability on small waves and these guys are in a league of his own when it gets big. As character references they ain't half bad.

And here's the crux. This video will be hosted on every major surf site which reflects the respect he is held in by the armchair editors, neatly rounding off the circle. He has the wares and the window, he's the ideal value proposition Mr Sponsor. What are you waiting for? We want to see his rail knifing under a late Teahupoo lip as do countless others, make it happen.

Ed Temperley

MSW editor. Instagram @edtemperley