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John John Florence just squeaking Jamie O'Brien at the Volcom Pipe Pro. O'Brien had bolted away at the start of the heat with an apparently insurmountable lead and Florence wasn't even in the picture. O'Brien's top two scoring waves were near-perfect: 9.0 and 9.43 with all three of his challengers requiring a combination of high scores to beat him. Maui's Kai Barger had posed the biggest challenge with a 9.33, but a second wave eluded him. San Clemente's Nate Yeomans was a distant third with 7.57 points total. Florence's score line wasn't much better: 9.93 total. Then at the five minute mark, two waves in the 8-10 foot range pushed through. Florence got the first: an unbelievable backside tube at Pipe that was deep, critical, and near-impossible. He blasted out with the spray and scored a perfect 10. Right behind him, O'Brien swung, pulled in deep and blew out in front of Florence's face for a 9.93 - further extending his lead. One minute to go... Florence paddled over and congratulated O'Brien. Then a dark line on the horizon caught his eye. One last wave stacked up on the Pipeline reef. Fifteen seconds to go... Florence clawed his way past a frantic O'Brien who could see the writing on the wall of the wave. Florence clawed his way past Jamie, over the ledge, under the lip and into the heat-winning tube ride - a 9.93 - to claim the $20,000 first prize. Finals results were: 1st - John John Florence (HAW) 19.93pts, $20,000 2nd - Jamie O'Brien (HAW) 19.40pts, $10,000 3rd - Kai Barger (HAW) 18.20pts, $6,500 4th - Nathan Yeomans (CA, USA) 7.57pts, $5,500

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