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On Big Wednesday the sets were growing in size, and power with the tide. With this wave I paddled in and it was my unlucky day. I was covered with white water, and my leash popped off , and I the power of the water sucked my down. When I tried to relax and swim to the surface the suction of the water was keeping me down. I have to exhale, and swimming up, and I have to gasp for air, and swallowed alot of water. Finally reaching the surface another set pounded me back under the water. I saw my whole life flash before my eyes. What kept me striving to the surface was my daughter. My last chance to save myself I managed to find the surface again, Juan Daniel (from Galapagos) was close enough to hear my calls for help. My body was numb, I could not move my arms, and legs, and my head was spinning. He towed me with his leash, got me on his board, then another set crashed on top of us. Another friend Champi (from Galapagos) paddled into the scene to help. Then Champi, and Juan Daniel towed my lifeless body back to my boat (Silver One). I want to thank my good friends for saving my life. It was the closest I have come to dieing, but what a beautiful place to die.

Cerro Gallina

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