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World class webcam technology with 16-day surf forecasts, charts and advanced tools. Only $99.99/year or $12.99/month.

16-Day Forecasts

Our long range forecast model has been built using the very latest technologies and is run in-house on our own supercomputer. If you want to push your outlook to the very limit our 16-day forecasts give you the very best possible early warning of changing conditions or significant swells.

Multi-model Forecasts

View a full range of possibilities with 20 different long range models. A cutting edge technique for seeing not just what's most likely, but a range of possible scenarios for wind and swell. Plan a trip or surf session with confidence.

Advanced Charts

  • HD Charts
  • 16-day Charts
  • Nearshore Charts
  • Detailed Storm Tracking
  • Quad Chart Comparison Tool

Unlimited Historic Forecasts

Comparing previous sessions to the latest forecast is a vital part of dialling the numbers for any surf spot. With detailed historic data stretching back 30 years the MSW archive is a perfect tool for analysing any storm or swell.

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Extended Tides

Pro users can access any tide for the previous or next 30 years. Review the exact tide from a memorable reef session years ago or plan a surf trip around the perfect tidal conditions.

Access to 500+ Webcams

World class webcam technology, with full beach panoramics, tidal zoom and seamless playback.

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World Class
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Anywhere, Anytime.

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  • Unlimited Streaming
  • Automatic Tidal Zooming Webcams
  • Wave Replay
  • 7-Day Forecasts
  • 16-Day Forecasts
  • Hourly Forecasts
  • Unlimited Historic Forecasts
  • Multi-model Forecasts
  • Spot Calibration
  • Live Wave Buoys & Wind Stations
  • Historic Wave Buoys & Wind Stations
  • 7-day Charts
  • 16-day Charts*
  • Unlimited Historic Forecast/Storm Charts
  • HD Charts
  • Great Circle Charts
  • Quad Chart Comparison Tool
  • Jetstream & Surf Heights Charts**
  • 7 Day Tides
  • Unlimited Tides
  • Unlimited Historic Tides
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  • Favourite Locations
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$12.99 / month  $99.99 / year

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