Sun 8th Nov 2009 10:00amFeelin' Good - Porthcawl (Take 2)

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Gettin' some of that feel good factor in Porthcawl on a beautiful Sunday morning. Autumn sun low on the horizon and classic peeling waves. The voice of the guy standing next to me as I filmed the opening ride of this sequence says it all! (I've reloaded this vid cos' the previous posting had a very juddery image and poor synch with the music track at the end so it should view better now and hopefully in widescreen as intended)
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Archived Comments
ak-762912 days ago -2 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
keep the location muted as well lol
Yabt Serevoli2911 days ago +1 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
No worries...never intended to make it that easy - even edited some of the shots to cut out part of the coastline that might give it away. Also Magic Seaweed are pretty good and deleted a previous post from someone asking where it was. Though as you probably know it hardly ever works well and only die hards will feel up to taking on this break. First you've got to be willing to treck a mile across muddy farmland past a very large bull with testosterone issues only then to risk lacerations on your knuckles from the razor sharp shallow reef when duck diving . Finally snag your leash by accident when jumping off and paddling out from the rocks and you could be up for a spell at Bridgend hospital so its not for the faint hearted :)
Yabt Serevoli2923 days ago Unrated Rate Positive Rate Negative
Not sure why this freezes at the beginning but you can view the rest by clicking slightly beyond the start point on the timeline, though this kinda misses the start of the ride. Also the soundtrack has been muted which is a shame??? Maybe to protect the copyright of the music though MS didn't mute the first version so bit confused? I've managed to get around it on Youtube so just search YabtSerevoli (all one word) on Youtube or "Feelin' Good Porthcawl Surfing" and you can get the proper version with soundtrack :)