Wed 28th Apr 2010 7:00pmNick Davis

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Nick Davis Team GRNX!!
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Archived Comments
dazsurfs2744 days ago -1 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
Hahaaa, Told, i like it,
j5subaru762756 days ago +7 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
well seeing as you rabatter cant even spell guess you need to pull your neck in THERE not your beaches and if all you can do is belittle people when all they are doing is trying to get better at the sport then you are a very sad and lonely person who doesnt even have any videos yourself not such a big person really are you sad ass.................
Ashley Height2757 days ago +1 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
rabatter2762 days ago Unrated Rate Positive Rate Negative
maybe try playing ssquash ure useless. stay away from ruining my surf plz. People like you are the ones who get in the way and create danger and havoc for the locals on their post work surf. wouldnt be suprised if you had a surf kayak in the garage.