Fri 16th Jul 2010 5:00pmGnarly Charley's Grom Surf Series Event SEBASTIAN

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Gnarly Charley took the chaos to Sebastian Inlet, and the conditions met him there. Solid swell and charging groms ... it's a must see! gnarlycharleysurfseries.com - localsonlymag.com
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Archived Comments
RxSurf2657 days ago +4 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
that's great, those toddlers were killing it. haha. hey pal, fyi, your "local spot" you're trying to hold down is featured in a God d*mn video game... but if you want to "hold down your local spot," you should try going down there and disrupting one of these contests with all the stoked little kids instead of being an internet tough guy...the only thing you'll be "holding down" is the ice-pack on your head when all the parents (who obviously surf, too) beat your face in for being an old, grumpy jackass... if you want to keep your local spot in check, 1)take care of it in the water (and i don't necessarily mean by fighting), 2)surf well, and 3)don't get children involved, they have no idea. orrrrr...you can just be happy for these kids and the people who care enough - you'll find it a little less bothersome, if at all...
bchsidrednek2656 days ago -6 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
First of all Rxsurf,(drugsurf)nice name.Second the groms in the video suck and have no business surfing a contest, (learn to surf first grommies!) Third I dont have a problem surfing a crowed i get my waves. All I was saying is dont bring your lame contest and camps to the inlet to make a buck and ruin it for every one else, theres not enough beach here and dont show up with 4-5 of your buds either, bring chicks.(remember kids dont do Rx)."Hey Gnarly Charly" Rx wants you to hold a contest at his break next.
bchsidrednek2672 days ago -2 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
keep your groms in j-ville kook! Sick of all you washed up old timers coming to the inlet and trying to prophet off your lame contests and surf camps to support your drug habits.Its not a fuckin playground.
Nachos2657 days ago -2 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
I'm not deffending surf camps, because I don't like them either. However, the ocean is public and in that sense is a playground for anybody that wants to go there; including people you or I may not like there (how do you think locals in Central America feel every summer when we go down there?). Also, it is spelled proffit.
bchsidrednek2657 days ago Unrated Rate Positive Rate Negative
thanks for the spelling lesson nachos, let me know when you need a surf lesson, or i hear there are some good surf schools in cocoa bch. You'll learn you got to hold down your local spot.
Nachos2656 days ago +3 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
I don't need any lessons, thanks. My homebreak was Juno Pier, but I moved. There are plenty of people holding that one down(mostly in opposition to eachother). I've been around long enough to notice that holding down is not something that people can effectively do;when the surfing population was smaller it worked, but even since the early nineties (when I started) the population has trippled. The only thing left to do is share. You can still get some uncrowded waves towards Spanish House etc, but first peak has had overpopulation problems for years.