Fri 8th Apr 2011 1:00pmSomewhere on the isle of wight

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Not the best footage i no but hey.
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23rd priest2302 days ago -5 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
Secret wedge ! hahahahahahahah .... i'm old ..... and wtf east islanders ! who is that !? Backhouse yes, fact he did name it....well done......and as for agro i find it normaly quite mellow in the water....there seems to be quite alot of learners knocking around and into people and worse than them are the peeps who have been surfing for years but still dont have a clue ! yet still its all quite normal in the surf world right (learners,idiots,ect) ? its a shame though that someone would put this up as a video...one it looks shit...two. its sort of is a little option for people that know it when evrywhere else is crowded...so a bit of a shame to stick it up for everyone to see then subseqent comments really put it on the map.....but suffice to say most people cant be bothered with it.....its a longish walk or cliff climb and fickle as f*ck and when it works its still fairly wierd.........and rinky dink are you i.o.w. booger ? or B mouth ? or are you one of those mystery east islander hahahahahaha......???
pad360ing2321 days ago -2 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
That looks like snotts to me. It can work quite nicely if Compton is crowded