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CJ Nelson, one of the most amazing and creative surfers ever, is joined by an all-star cast in this action packed movie that re-defines modern longboarding.It's about riding waves.It's about fun, and best yet, it all happens in the ocean.<p/> It's about riding the board that best suits the conditions for you, getting back to the basics, abandoning any preconceived or popularly accepted ways to ride waves, single fin or tri-fin longboards, modern, retro and state of the art shortboards, or body surfing. We say, Ride them all.<p/> CJ Nelson, one of the most amazing and creative surfers ever, is joined by an all-star cast in this action-packed movie that you'll want to watch over and over again. Filmed on location in Mexico, Australia, California, Hawaii and Japan. Starring: CJ Nelson, Harley Ingleby, Jai Lee, Dane Peterson, Belinda Baggs, Robin Kegal, Alex Knost, Vince Felix, Christian Wach, Tyler Warren, Chad Marshall, Joel Tudor.<p/></i> <b>REVIEWS</b><p/> <i>"Just watched the movie and it's a bloody triumph! Brilliant mate!"</i><br/> John Brasen - Editor and Chief Pacific Long Boarder Magazine -Australia<p/> <i>"Quite a few surf films make their way into the editorial department and even fewer make it into the review section. With that in mind, it was a first for me to watch a surf video and be so stoked that I had to call the director personally and let him know how I felt."<p> "Witness the complete repertoire of CJ Nelson, the master noserider, combined with those of the top crop of longboarders today (see Knost, Kegel, Ingleby, Lee, Peterson, Wach, etc.), mix in an up-beat, hip soundtrack that that enhances the overall feel (we all know the effect of a poorly scored film), and a number of special effects and you've got one of the best long board films to hit the market in quite a while."</i><br/> Chasen Marshall - Managing Editor Longboard Magazine - USA
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