UNKNOWNBoardXHouse Imsouane, Morocco

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Archived Comments
bazza2537 days ago +1 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
Really long wave yes. BUT UBER Soft (except on one wave in 20 on take off), crowded with non surfers "surfing", hardcore rip. The worst thing is though to 150 Euro-surfers. "Yar dis serfing thing is der best yar..." Will never be going back. Its worst than Newgay bay!
bazza2537 days ago +4 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
Oh and Ban Harper is a Religious fool who makes terrible wishy washy music. Next level down in Jack Johnson and that is the last fathom of music shitedom.
wha wha?2691 days ago +3 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
What a beautiful place, with "kooks" (as you experienced surfers call beginners, as if you started surfing like pros), with crowds, with development, the beauty of Insouane feints all these. Amazing people, as nice as it gets, like indo's, specially that dude Hassan, next to the water tower, thanks for all great memories made there, and looking forward to the next visit.
Wotascandal2882 days ago +4 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
This place is beautiful and has one of the best right hand point breaks - the bay is however, as you say, over run. The local people are great, the food is not great but better than most English sea side places. I was there for a month over Christmas 2009, one of the best nonths ever! I do have a serious issue with the other comments here, yes, there are "kooks" there, yes the place is changing. Places are bound to change when outsiders come in and introduce a diffrerent perspective. ALL of you commentators have by your very presence in any developing country effected a change. These 'secret' spots as Imsouane used to be, will always eventually be outed and the whining and indignant outrage begins. Get a life and a grip on reality, these things happen, I have seen it in Cornwall over the last twenty years. Momo, the lad who owns the surf shop in the video is, by his own admission, much better off because of surfing and our input of foreign currency. Yes, I am middle class and go to these places, and yes we were all "kooks" at some stage. I have been surfing now for over forty years but just because I can't get a wave to myself at times does not get me all wound up calling others "c***s" etc. Stony, calm down before you give yourself an ulcer. It may be getting crowded but it's still a beautiful place and I look forward to going again soon!
Wotascandal2882 days ago +2 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
Re my last post - 2008 not 2009!
Younes2881 days ago +6 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
I am a local, but not from Immessouane. I thankfully have more chances than Momo or the other guys who try to make a living out there. To be honnest with you, I'm a bit worried about crowd levels in places like Immessouane, as we used to surf there 20 years ago with just a few fellas out... But things are changing, surfing is becoming more & more popular, what can you do about it? People are trying it and experiencing that rush, then they are hooked. Remember your first wave, how beautiful was it? Now imagine after that wave someone came to you and started yalling & threatening you, calling you a f...g kook. How would you have felt? Because of crowds, I was pissed & getting mad at tourist surfers in southern morocco, that was just stupid! You cannot go against development, you have to adapt to it. I'm now looking further, searching deeper... Aloha & respect if you wanna get respected
thecrook2897 days ago +1 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
jeeeeeeeeeesuuuuuss you guys are lame just south of hear is a classic right point that hardly gets surfed. further south into mauritania gets even better with NO ONE ELSE in. the water is never as crowded if you just go looking. grumpy basterds probably can't even surf
xinfidelx3087 days ago +2 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
wow. beautiful country, and in this case, a break over-run with kooks. you idiots really need to quit surfing. find some other fad to latch onto to make yourself feel cool.
stony3062 days ago +2 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
morrocco is e nice place !!!! leave it this way !!! why do you stupid cunts have to fuck this up !! first a campsite now the stupid house !!! screw you people!!
Surf Berbere Surf Camp & School3043 days ago +2 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
eeeeeeeeee yyy e
future primitive2958 days ago +4 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
could'nt agree more with you,surfing the new middle class wet dream,it's not just this place seems to be world over