Thu 31st Oct 2013 9:00amConstantinesurf's Constantine Surf Report

4ft Medium Onshore wind
Surf conditions at 7.10 a.m. on Thursday 31st October 2013: It's a bit of a grey start to today with the grey sky reflecting off the grey sea, streaked with the white of those broken waves. The surf is about three or four feet, a bit bumpy and mushy because of the steady onshore (south westerly) wind, only the odd one managing to get up to its full height before toppling and rolling to the beach. It has been a while since we have seen some real quality waves around here, so I guess that we must be due something good soon. But maybe not today! Good to see Croyde's Andrew Cotton chatting to Paxman on Newsnight last night, discussing that unbelievable big wave caught at Nazare, Portugal (youtu.be/P3VqaW_HCaQ). And there might just be something looming on the horizon for this coming weekend for those guys to ride too! While thinking of those big waves and Maya Gabeira's too close a call, Laird Hamilton was asked for his thoughts by Stab magazine: 'The whole thing about making the wave is first, to catch it,' he said about Carlos Burle's possible record breaking ride. 'Then after you catch it, you want to finish the ride by riding into the safe spot... I you get hit by the wave after you've been riding it - that's a failed attempt in the school that I went to.' 'If he's claiming he rode the biggest wave ever ridden,' Laird continued, 'II'd say maybe he wiped out on the biggest wave ever ridden. Hamilton also laid most of the blame on Gabeira's near-death experience there on Burle: 'I feel like it's Carlos' responsibility to take care of her,' he said in the interview. 'He's just lucky that she didn't drown.' 'Maya doesn't have the skill to be in these conditions,' said Laird. 'She should not be in this kind of surf.' This is Garret McNamara (G-Mac) 's take on it all: 'Yesterday was a very interesting day in Praia do Norte It was definitely huge with the waves breaking right in front of the rocks. Maya Gabeira is the toughest water woman I have ever witnessed. She also caught one of the biggest waves of the day. She took the hardest beating I have ever seen by man or woman anywhere in the ocean and made it close to the shore all on her own. What happened after was terrible. It just shows how strong she is and how hard she trained by how well she is doing after going through what happened to her!! Thankfully she will be home from the hospital today. Preparation is everything!!! For the last 4 years the ZON North Canyon team has been working on perfecting our safety plan. On big days we have back up for the back up. 2 safety drivers in place. A team on the cliff with walkie talkies, a team on the beach with quads and life guard. What happen to Maya yesterday was extremely unfortunate and thanks to God and everyone on the beach, especially the Nazare lifeguard Nuno for bringing her back. After having such a close call yesterday it didnt feel right to keep surfing when there were still surfers out there without back up safety so Andrew Cotton, Hugo Vau and I decided to drive 3 jet skis for safety until everyone went in incase there was another emergency.' And I guess that the debate will continue! WWW.CONSTANTINESURF.COM is the place to go for our early bird SURF REPORT for Constantine Bay and Harlyn Bay as well as the surf forecast for tomorrow and the weekend ahead! Click on over and check out our shop while browsing images and info from the area. WWW.CONSTANTINESURF.COM
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MSW Forecast
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10secs 256°
15 21
WSW - Onshore - 238° Light Showers 14c
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