Sun 22nd Nov 2009 8:00amPirate Coast Surf House's Banana Point Surf Report

3ft Calm Offshore wind * * *
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I dedicate today's report to the best way to start the day in Morocco... Mustafa’s Breakfast Tagine(adapted from Casbah at Balmain): Like the poached eggs perched perfectly on a bed of Lamb, Sausage, Feta, Spinach, roasted red pepper, Caramelized Onion, and tomato the waves roll across the open ocean landing soft and glassy on a great 2-4 ft Banana Beach morning... and just like that first waft of fused meats and vegetables filling your nose with the promise of a good day the delightfully gentle offshore wind grazes the open faces of the waves giving us promise of a great surf. Today we salute you Mr. Tagine inventor for making our lives just a little bit tastier.
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12secs 309°
ENE - Offshore - 63° Clear 19c
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